Southern Uganda 2005- Kitezo Water Catchment and Education Project

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The village of Kitezo was the second community to receive a large scale rainwater catchment system. Like Kabumba, their original source of water was runoff from surrounding fields and livestock pastures and had extremely high turbidity levels (suspended clay particles), high fecal coli form counts and numerous parasites.

In 2005, the Kitezo catchment was completed with assistance from African Community Technical Services, the Ugandan Government, the Diocese of Ankola and private Canadian sponsors.

Years later, the system appears to be running well with very little maintenance and has not only been a source of cleaner water for the people of Kitezo, but for many other people in the surrounding areas! The Kitezo catchment holds a little over a million liters of water when it reaches its full capacity.


Picture of the project can be found here.


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