Northern Uganda 2008 and 2009- Spring Protection Project Adakingo

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The Project in Adakingo (Nov 2008-Jan 2009) was successfully completed through the support of Rotary Canada, Rotary Uganda, Friends and Family. It involved the protection and containment of a spring, a biosand filter project and a water, health and sanitation education program.

The protection and containment of the spring took 2 months to complete with the voluntary support of the community and 7 paid workers. Water was collected from a spring and carried through a pipe to a tank and collection area. The flow rate of this new spring after 2 months without any rain still produces 40 liters of water per minute! With the addition of the tank to store water throughout the night, total accessible water for the village and surrounding areas increased by nearly 4.5 times.

The Biosand Filter and Education programs were successfully put in place at the same time construction of the tank was being completed. A community based organization of 50% women and 50% men continue to implement biosand filters and educate their communities on health and sanitation.


Photos of the Spring Protection project can be found here.

Photos of the Biosand filter project can be found here.


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